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1. Q: What is Syncrofy?

Syncrofy is a powerful, cloud-based data visibility software that enables your employees, customers, and partners to find information, quickly resolve problems, drive collaboration, and maximize productivity. Syncrofy allows you to gain full visibility of your entire business and leverage that data to resolve issues and obtain a complete overview of your operation.

2. Q: How is Syncrofy designed and built?

Syncrofy is an off-the-shelf product with configuration capabilities. 

3. Q: How do I set up a Syncrofy account?

Go to and fill out the required information. Select the checkbox to agree to the Syncrofy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (click on each to read). Click the "Sign me up for Syncrofy" button. You will then receive an account verification email. Follow the instructions to validate your Syncrofy account.

4. Q: Is my data secure in the cloud?

Yes, Syncrofy utilizes SSL encryption and the hybrid architecture keeps sensitive information on your local network and under your control. Users have the ability to configure SSL encryption when connecting the cloud and the local agent. Data stored within the database is not encrypted but is located within your local network and all connections from the cloud to your network are encrypted.

5. Q: What does Syncrofy interconnect with and how are those connections designed?

Calls occur asynchronously or semi-synchronously within Syncrofy and documents are loaded into the local agent and then processed by the local agent on its own time. Syncrofy utilizes RESTful APIs and connects with a Mongo database.

6. Q: How does Syncrofy connect to its database and its business logic in the database tier?

Syncrofy utilizes Mongo's standard driver to connect to its database. Any database communication from the local agent within Syncrofy always occurs from the local agent to the database and is always authenticated and verified. Business logic within Syncrofy is never in the database tier.

7. Q: How do I access my data?

To access your data in Syncrofy, go to Documents under "My Company" in side navigation bar. There you will be able to view all of your data and documents that have been loaded into the system. You can leverage this data within your Dashboard to create charts and graphs to measure

8. Q: How does Syncrofy act if something goes wrong?

You will always receive a notification in the unlikely event that an exception occurs and the software will work to recover from the error on its own.

9. Q: Is Syncrofy designed to run in tiers (layers)?

Yes, Syncrofy has the ability to run on separate machines or altogether. For example, the database can be located on five servers and the local agent on five servers, or they can all be located on a single server and scaled independently.

10. Q: Is Syncrofy dependent on a specific operational environment or middleware platform?

Syncrofy is software-agnostic and can accept and ingest business data from a variety of different platforms. Syncrofy can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux (or anything that supports Java 8 and Mongo DB).

11. Q: How is Syncrofy monitored?

CoEnterprise's cloud software will continuously monitor the local agent to ensure it is up and running.

12. Q: What level of support can I expect with Syncrofy?

CoEnterprise provides reliable support by phone, email, and via online documentation with Syncrofy Help.

13. Q: Which browsers are supported by Syncrofy?

Syncrofy supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge.

14. Q: I'm looking for a specific Purchase Order (PO) but cannot find it. What am I doing wrong?

Check to make sure you have been placed in the correct "Group" and have been given the necessary permissions. Remember, in Syncrofy you are only able to view the data and documents that you have been given access to.

15. Q: Why does Syncrofy utilize MongoDB?

Syncrofy uses MongoDB because it's flexible, fast, and easy to manage. MongoDB features a simple, easy to use permissions system and there is an aggregation framework that analyzes data quickly and efficiently. Backing up data is relatively simple and performance is not affected when working with large amounts of data. Development of the database is very active as new versions are released on a regular basis. For more information, please visit

16. Q: How can I carry out database level encryption on my own?

For more information on database encryption, please refer to MongoDB's At-Rest Encryption Best Practices or the MongoDB Manual.

17. Q: How do I submit a question or feedback?

We encourage you to submit feedback regarding your Syncrofy experience. To do so, click the Help (?) icon in the upper right-hand corner from anywhere within Syncrofy and select "Submit Feedback." Choose your "Feedback Type" and enter your question or feedback in the "Message" box. If necessary, select an attachment to include by clicking the Choose File button. When you're ready to submit your feedback, hit the Send button.

18. Q: What level of service can I expect with Syncrofy?


Severity LevelCustomer ImpactResponse TimeTarget Resolution Time
Critical Software down or severely restricted Within 60 minutes 8 hours
High Major feature/function severely affected or restricted Within 4 business hours 1 business day
Medium  Non-critical software issue that is routine or affects only a single user Within 8 business hours 5 business days
Low Minor service issue or general inquiry Within 16 business days As soon as possible

A standard business day is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday-Friday. Support is not available on the following holidays: New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. If you require immediate assistance after normal business hours, please open a new case as "High" or "Critical" priority to contact an on-call support analyst.

19. Q: Why don't I see a particular feature in Syncrofy even though it's included in the Release Notes?

This is due to the fact that your Local Agent has not been updated to the latest version. To gain access to Syncrofy's newest features, please make sure that your Local Agent has been updated. 

20. Q: Why doesn't Syncrofy support older versions of Internet Explorer?

Syncrofy does not support older versions of Internet Explorer due to the fact that Microsoft does not provide security updates for them. As a result of this and the older versions being unsecure, Syncrofy does not support them. 

21. Q: Why don't I have access to this (document, file, exception, etc.)?

In most cases, you have not been given the required permission to access the item. Please contact your Syncrofy Administrator if you think you should have the permission.

22. Q: Why am I getting so many notifications?

You can customize what notifications you recieve and how you receive them (email or in-app) by going to Settings in the left-hand navigation menu and then Notifications.

23. Q: How does Syncrofy identify unique documents?

Syncrofy uses 10 distinct EDI segments to determine the uniqueness of a document. They are:

  • Sender ISA Qualifier
  • Sender ISA ID
  • Sender GS ID
  • Receiver ISA Qualifier
  • Receiver ISA ID
  • Receiver GS ID
  • ISA Control Number
  • GS Control Number
  • ST Transaction Type
  • ST Control Number

If a document arrives in Syncrofy and contains the same 10 segments as an existing document, it will override the existing one and documents from the original file will become unlinked. It is strongly recommended that incoming and outgoing EDI data maintain unique control numbers in order to avoid data from becoming overwritten in Syncrofy.