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Getting Started With Syncrofy

Welcome to Syncrofy and the next generation of B2B software! If you have recently signed up for Syncrofy or are wondering how to begin using the application, you’ve come to the right place. But before you dive in, you might be asking yourself:


What is Syncrofy?

Syncrofy is a powerful, cloud-based platform that enables your employees, customers, and partners to find information, quickly resolve problems, drive collaboration, and maximize productivity. Syncrofy allows you to gain full visibility of your entire business and leverage that data to resolve issues and obtain a complete overview of your operation.


I’ve Signed Up! What Do I Do Next?

Below are some basic tips to help you get started. As you start to explore the system, make sure to continue to visit Syncrofy Help and our FAQ page for any questions you may have.


1.Create Your Syncrofy Profile

Now that you've logged into Syncrofy, you're going to want to create a profile and upload a photo of yourself. Syncrofy offers a variety of collaboration features, so it's important that your co-workers and business partners are able to identify you. Learn how to create a profile and manage your settings.


2. Manage Your Settings

For more information on how to change your password, manage notifications, or general information on how to set up your account, please visit the Registration & Setup page at Syncrofy Help.


3. Create Dynamic Visuals to Monitor Your Business in Real-time

After creating your profile, you can go to your Dashboards to view the data that is currently available to you. Discover how to edit a Dashboard, create charts and graphs, and configure it to your specific business needs!


4. Get Extensive Access to Your Data

If you have questions about the data you are able to view, please contact to your System Administrator to ensure you have been placed in the appropriate "Group" and have been given the necessary permissions.


5. Tailor Syncrofy to Your Business Needs

As a Syncrofy user, you have the ability to see only the information that is important to you by tapping into real-time information from your business partners and co-workers via Workstream. Learn how to subscribe to companies you work with and manage your subscriptions.