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Files Overview

Syncrofy offers the option to filter on, report on, create dashboards for and receive notifications and exceptions on files.

 Note: This section will not appear for users without this permission.


Visibility to non-EDI data

A user may download non-EDI data files that have been loaded into the system.


Filtering Files

          1. Click the Add filter criteria tab in the upper left-hand corner.

          2. Select your filtering parameters (Commenters, File size, Filename, Format, Loaded on).

          3. Set your parameters (e.g. for File size you can enter "Equal to" 5 KB, 10 KB, etc.).

          4. Click “Apply

          5. Click the Save button in the upper right-hand corner to save your filter.


Grouping Files

Group By allows you to organize your files by several different criteria.

To group your files, click the Group By button on the right side of the main Files screen. Then,click on the criteria in the dropdown you wish to apply. The files will then be sorted appropriatelybased on your selection.


Adjusting Columns in Files View

You can choose how you want the data for each file to be displayed on the main Files screen by adding, removing, or reordering the columns.

 Adding & editing columns

          1. Click the Columns button on the right side of the screen.

          2. For those current columns, you have the option to remove a column by clicking the red Delete icon  to the right or move the column by dragging and dropping it into a new location on the list.

          3. To switch a current column to a different one, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the column name. Type the name of the new column you wish to include. Click on the name to save.

          4. When you are finished editing the columns, click outside of the "Columns Chooser" menu to save.



Calculations allow you to compute the average or sum of the file sizes within the system. 

 Starting a calculation

          1. Click the Calculator icon to the right of the "File size" column.

          2. Select the "Choose below" dropdown menu and select your computation (Sum or Average).

          3. Click the Save button.

          4. The total will appear above the column.


Downloading a View

You can download the current view you are in as a CSV file.

 How to download the current view from the Files tab

          1. Click the Download CSV icon  at the top of the view.

          2. Type in the name you wish you give the file.

          3. Click the Download button.