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Documents is your personal file system in Syncrofy. It allows you to view all of the documents that have been uploaded into the system and create customized filters and views that allow you to see only the ones that are important to you.

Documents are displayed based on their type. To change the type of document being viewed, click the "Document Type" dropdown arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then select the type of document you wish to view.

There are document identifier columns that are specific to each document and you can choose to add or remove columns based on your needs. 

List of Supported Documents

EDI X12 Document NameTransaction Code
Return Merchandise Authorization EDI X12 180
Motor Carrier Load Tender EDI X12 204
Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice EDI X12 210
Motor Carrier Bill of Lading EDI X12 211
Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message EDI X12 214
Status Details (Ocean) EDI X12 315
Rail Carrier Shipment EDI X12 404
Rail Carrier Freight Details and Invoice EDI X12 410
Rail Carrier Waybill EDI X12 417
Request for Routing Instructions EDI X12 753
Invoice EDI X12 810
Credit/Debit Adjustment EDI X12 812
Organizational Relationships EDI X12 816
Remittance Advice EDI X12 820
Lockbox EDI X12 823
Application Advice EDI X12 824
Planning Schedule EDI X12 830
Price/Sales Catalog EDI X12 832
Product Transfer Account Adjustment EDI X12 844
Price Authorization Acknowledgment  EDI X12 845
Inventory Inquiry/Advice EDI X12 846
Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment EDI X12 849
Purchase Order EDI X12 850
Product Activity Data EDI X12 852
Purchase Order Acknowledgment EDI X12 855
Advance Ship Notice EDI X12 856
Shipment and Billing Notice EDI X12 857
Purchase Order Change Request EDI X12 860
Receiving Advice EDI X12 861
Shipping Schedule EDI X12 862
Report of Test Results EDI X12 863
Text Message EDI X12 864
Product Transfer and Resale Report  EDI X12 867
Order Status Report EDI X12 870
Grocery Products Purchase Order EDI X12 875
Price Information EDI X12 879
Grocery Products Invoices EDI X12 880
Item Maintenance EDI X12 888
Promotion Announcement EDI X12 889
Delivery/Return Base Record EDI X12 894
Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or Adjustment EDI X12 895
Warehouse Shipping Order EDI X12 940
Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice EDI X12 943
Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice  EDI X12 944
Warehouse Shipping Advice EDI X12 945
Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice EDI X12 947
Response to Load Tender EDI X12 990
Functional Acknowledgements EDI X12 997
Implementation Acknowledgements EDI X12 999


EDIFACT Document Name                                      Transaction Code
Functional Acknowledgment CONTRL
Dispatch Advice DESADV
Invoice INVOIC
Purchase Order ORDERS


Unsupported Documents

Syncrofy displays basic information for documents that are loaded into the system, but not currently supported. This includes:

  • Partner
  • Transaction Set
  • File Format
  • Flow Direction
  • Functional Acknowledgment status

You can carry out all the functions described on the Document Detail Screen as you would for a supported document, except for viewing Timeline. 

Document Views

Document Detail Screen