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Partners CSV Upload

Partners CSV Upload allows you create a new partner at the click of a button rather than entering it manually. This is achieved by uploading a CSV file into Syncrofy. The system will then generate the "Partner" automatically based on the information in the file, thereby eliminating the potential for user error while ensuring partner data is accurate. 


Uploading a Partners File

  1. In Partners, click "Bulk Import" in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click the "Download CSV template" link in the Upload Partner CSV menu.
  3. Open the file and set all cells to a format of TEXT (via "Format Cells") before entering any information
  4. Complete the required information for your partner(s).
  5. Save the file to your computer or device
    1. File must be saved as CSV (not XLS, XLXS)
    2. Encoding of CSV should be basic ASCII (not UTF8)
  6. View the file in raw text editor (e.g. notepad or vi) and verify data is exactly as you expect
    1. Confirm leading 0's aren’t dropped
    2. Validate numbers are not in scientific format
  7. From the Syncrofy UI, click the Choose File button in the Upload Partner CSV menu and select the previously saved CSV file.
  8. Click the Upload Partners button.


If you are using a XLS or XLSX file, save the file as CSV and then follow the steps above to verify.  


Note: Uploading a document with the same Partner name as an existing one will override the information that was previously entered for that Partner. Once a Partner is generated from the file, you have the ability to edit it just as you would any other Partner.