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Environments can be used to report on and load non-production documents in a segregated place, all via a simple to use UI. Users can create an unlimited number of Environments and there is a clear banner that indicates whenever you are in a non-production environment. Although most users will probably only have permissions to the production environment, technical users that wish to run an end-to-end test with a downstream system in a QA setting will have an easy time setting that up.

Note: Environments can only be created, edited, and deleted by users with the required permissions. To obtain permission, contact your Group Administrator. 


Environment-specific Features

Keep in mind that when you are working within an Environment there are items that are specific to that Environment (specific) and there are items that are universal across all Environments (agnostic). They are as follows:


  • Timelines
  • Notifications
  • Documents
  • Partners
  • Groups
  • Rules


  • Users
  • User Settings
  • Companies
  • Report Templates
  • Local Agents